Surveys: Collecting Customer Data & Allowing Customizing of Subscription Price

This article is a quick overview of capabilities and what you can do with the survey builder feature of SubblyFor additional clarity on how you can attach created surveys to product checkouts and for regular FAQ please see here. For expected behavior and logic of changing the survey questions please see here

Before we start off, if you're wandering to see the survey builder in action on the example, you can find one here

Our survey builder is the answer to all your questions and dreams when it comes to any of the following:

  • Collecting data from your customers to allow personalising their experience
  • Letting customers pick and choose the products they recieve (which alters the price)
  • Offering upsells and addons during the checkout flow
  • Allowing customisation per subscription (including price 🤗)

Regardless if you're a pre-made meal delivery service (with a food menu), food subscription box, pet subscription box or toiletry subscription box the survey builder really does give you the flexibility you need.

A question is synonymous with a "step" on the checkout flow. And an answer is synonymous with a "choice" or "preference" or even a product the customers chooses.

Types of Questions

There are 4 types of questions:

  1. Text: this allows free text input of the customer, perfect for asking open questions
  2. Single choice: the customer can only choose 1 answer of many, the answer can alter the price of their total subscription
  3. Multiple choice: the customer may choose more than 1 option, their choices can also alter the final price
  4. Quantity selector: This is perfect for subscriptions boxes with menus or where the customer can choose not only multiple, but also multiple of each. Each unit can alter the price as well! For example: 1 option may be $1/unit and the customer chooses 3 of them which adds $3 to their total subscription.

Additional Question Features & Settings

A price modifier can be set for single choice, multiple and quantity. You can also leave it as 0 for "free".

Each choice can have an image uploaded to make the experience look visually easy to understand to the customer. Images can be square only.

You can set a minimum and maximum number of choices for multiple and quantity type questions. Note the maximum and minimum on quantity is the total quantity

You can make a step/question required or you can make it optional. If you leave the Required switch switched off customers will be able to proceed past that question without providing an answer or choosing an option on it.

What does "Multiply price add-ons by number of shipments" do?

💡 This is associated with the survey setup and controls whether the price modifiers on the survey will be multiplied by the number of shipments within the billing period or whether these will be charged only once 😊


For more clarity and closer explanation on the surveys, we suggest taking a look at video instructions below 👇


Other Notes & Considerations

Questions, answers and surveys can be edited any time but please be aware as of just now we have specific behavior about how we handle changes for existing customer responses.

Surveys can be used on multiple products at once! And you can change them any time in the product settings.

Customers can edit their responses any time by logging in, except for when their payment is due (3 hours before and until their payment is taken successfully).

You can change the order of questions (steps) and answers by dragging and dropping.

We hope you love and enjoy the survey builder! ✌️

📝 If you'd like to know some typical setups of the survey, take a look here

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Survey builder recipes (use cases)