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Using one time products as bundles

Do you want to offer a customizable one time purchase that actually has several items to choose from? This is what we would call a bundle!

How to set this up?

First, you will need to create a one time product and create different variants of different contents, which your customers will be able to choose at checkout. Learn how to do it here.

In the following example let's say we create a "Love Wine Bundle" to allow the customer to select three bottles of wine, each one of their preferred type. The options to the left simply stand for one of the products/items inside the box, and the values are the actual choices that you want to offer

Note that each choice should repeat on every option.

And you can also assign different prices to each combination of products (variants) depending on what was selected by manually editing the variant.

At checkout, the offer will be straightforward to customers. They will see how many items they can select and what are the available choices


How to modify a bundle to always be an addon, when added to the cart?

It's possible to customize the URL of a desired bundle (one time product) to always be taken into account as an addon. To achieve that do the following:

In case of wanting the addon to last forever, add this extension to the URL of a product: ?addon=1

Example -

In case of wanting the addon to last only once, add this extension to the URL of a product: ?addon=1&duration=1

Example -

The one time products are located here. The URL of a product can be found under the Slug field, in the product setup.
The custom URLs cannot be added through regular Product button. They will only work when added as external link of a Regular button.

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