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How can I see my customers' preferences?

Remember that Subbly gives you an opportunity to survey your customers upon them subscribing to your products (read more about this functionality here).

How can I see my customer's subscription preferences?

You have several ways to keep track of your customers preferences in order to customize their boxes at the time of packing.

Firstly, you can go to your Subscriptions tab and open the subscription you would like to look at.

After accessing the subscription card, under the subscription details, you may find the preferences section, through which you will be able to see all questions with their respective answers.

A second option is opening the order in question, either through the Subscription card, Customer Profile, or directly from the Orders tab.

You can find the survey answers right above the breakdown of the purchase in the order slip.

Finally, if you want to export the answers, you can do so from the Orders tab. You can select the columns you wish to export, such as the surveys answers.

You can use stacked filters in order to make the export more accurate and make it easier to review preferences at a glance!

Our recommended approach is to always check the survey answers from the exported Orders CSV for a more efficient operation. Through the spreadsheet you will be able to review the data in any way you need.

How can I edit customer's subscription preferences?

In order to edit customer's preferences, you need to access to the subscription through your main Admin Subscription tab. After selecting the subscription to edit, go to the Subscription preferences and click on the edit icon as shown in the following image.

You will be prompted with the survey to edit/update the answers.

Also, please be aware that customers can change their preferences at any time prior to the subscription's renewal through their login area

Updating survey's preferences won't take effect on existing orders, changes will take effect upon renewal and creation of new orders.

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