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How can I see my customers' preferences?

Remember that Subbly gives you an opportunity to survey your customers upon them subscribing to your products (read more about this functionality here).

So you have several ways to keep track of your customers preferences in order to customize their boxes at the time of packing. Also, please be aware that they can change their preferences at any time prior renewal through their login area

Firstly, you can go into their profiles by looking for them through the Customers panel at your Admin. Then going to the Subscriptions section where you can take a look at their Preferences and options selected:

A second option is opening the order in question, through the Orders panel or Customer's Profile and to the Orders tab. You can find survey answers right above the breakdown of the purchase.

Finally, if you want to export the answers, you can do so from the Orders and Subscriptions sections. Last columns of the spreadsheets will include survey answers.

These options are more practical as you can filter all orders/subscriptions you want and review preferences at a glance!

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