Orders' Labels Explanation

Here is a list of all the different labels you might find inside your Orders list with associated explanations for each one of them.

AWAITING DELIVERY - this is an indicator of the pending order which is created but is yet to be delivered. 

SHIPPED - the order has been shipped (you can revert it to pending from inside the order slip by clicking on Mark as Pending button. 

FUTURE SHIPMENT - the order has been paid for but is scheduled for shipping in the future. This is most frequent occurrence with the products that are billed and shipped on an incoherent basis (example would be monthly shipment, but quarterly billing - therefore one payment creates 3 orders - 1 pending and 2 future shipments)

Future shipments are usually correlated with the incoherent type of product setup ūüí°

Future shipments will revert to awaiting delivery once the shipping date has been reached. 

For changing the shipping date for the orders please refer to the article here. 

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