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How to create one-time products?

Nurture your store offer by adding not recurring products... Yes! Subbly is not all about subscriptions, you are perfectly capable of selling single items as a regular ecommerce store.

Getting started

First of all, make sure to select One-Time from the Products section in your Admin.

You'll be presented with the product wizard which can be divided into the three sections below.


Here you'll give the product a name and slug will be automatically generated in accordance with it.

Proceed with writing a description for your product to stand out, input the price as well as upload some images!

Be aware that recommended size of product images is less than 200KB and is also suggested to use the same orientation (portrait vs. landscape).


If you have different versions of a single product, you're able to present all options available to your customers using the Variants functionality. In order to get started setting up variants for the one time product, you will need to proceed with toggling the following toggle on:

In the field on the left, you have to input the Attribute. You can have a maximum of three different attributes and by default, the options will be Size, Color and Material, but you can write what best suits your type of product.

Then in the field on the right, introduce each of the Values that belong to that specific attribute. For example:

  • Size: Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Material: Cotton, Wool

When adding each of these, the system will automatically build a combination of option + attribute + value, and a new field for adding a short description and a specific price for each combination will open up in case you need to include additional info or make changes.

Please note that, due to technical limitations and design of the platform/feature, there is a cap of 5 options per variant when initially setting them up. You'll be able to add more than 5 manually afterwards like shown in the screenshot below.

Note that price of each variant will be the same as the one you set for the product (you can think of it as the initial price point), but feel free to adjust as appropriate as some variants might be more expensive.

There's the possibility that you don't have one of the variants, due to stock, strategy, etc., so just remove that particular combination by clicking on the trash can making it unavailable for purchase


Don't forget that you can add stock count to both the one time product as a whole or to it's variant. This can be done so you can easily keep track of what items you have on stock at certain point. 

Please find detailed documentation on how the inventory management works here

Additional settings

Enable Gifting to let customers gift the product to someone.

Product tax code applies just in case you're adding tax to the order's invoice and need to select the proper calculation depending on the type of product you're selling.

Shipping information is the field where you can include additional details on what your customers should expect in regards to shipping (displayed on the checkout success page).

How do customers select their variant if...

...they are using the website builder?

The Product/Products element will automatically display a dropdown with the variants. To proceed and be able to click on the Buy button, your customers will have to choose the variant first, otherwise the button will remain blocked. 

When selecting the variant, the product name will update as well as the price (if there's any difference). 

You'll be able to enable/disable variant selection and add further customization inside the product options and for that, you will need to navigate by clicking on Edit product > Actions > Variants > Enable variants.

You'll be able to add customizations such as the placement of the dropdown alignment window, as well as description for the dropdown text and the disabled variant text. This will be displayed directly on the product as shown below:

...if they are using an external site?

When customers initiate the checkout, they will be immediately presented with the variant selection screen nicely organized by Options:

How to duplicate an existing product?

The Duplicate Product feature allows you to create a copy of an existing product with one click.

In order to duplicate a product you need to access your products tab and select One-time products. Look for the product you wish to duplicate from your list, click on the 3 dots icon found on the right side of product details and select duplicate.

Note that duplicating products will duplicate all existing variants and settings.

If you feel like needing assistance with this feature or the one-time setup, don't hesitate to reach out to customer support!

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