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Timezone setup

Subbly is serving merchants worldwide, so it makes sense to provide the option of configuring your store timezone on backend.

How do I set up my store's time zone?

When on Admin, go to General Settings (or click here) and scroll down to the Choose your timezone option and open the list to select the one that applies to your city:

What will be the effect?

By default, subscription renewals run in accordance to the UTC/Zulu timezone. Setting your own city's timezone will make payments to be processed in your store's selected time zone.

In addition to the above, your dashboard data will also align to your chosen time zone. 

Note that the Analytics will still be shown and calculated according to the UTC time zone as that part of the admin remains unchanged by changing the time zone.

What happens if I set my timezone as Local?

Local will maintain renewals to be processed in regards to the UTC/Zulu time zone, but dashboard data will display as per your machine's time zone. That is a very important consideration because you may experience some mismatching between what you see on Admin vs. the time at when your subscriptions renewed. 

Additional considerations 

  • Analytics will always be calculated in regards to the UTC/Zulu time zone, regardless of the actual timezone setup of your store.
  • Cut off end time is also ruled by the store's time zone.
  • If you got some subscriptions prior setting up your time zone, those won't change their previous time zone. In order to do so you will need to manually change their renewal date

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