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How to unpublish a product?

There may be some cases where you need to hide the product from your storefront. Maybe you don't want the new customers to be able to subscribe to the product in question? Keep reading, as this feature is only one click away!

How to unpublish a product?

In order to unpublish the product, just go to the product settings and click on the button in the upper right corner:

Or you can simply click on the toggle at the product list as shown in the following picture:

What this will do is making the product in question no longer available for anyone initiating the checkout.

How to archive a product?

In order to archive a product, just go to the product list, click on the three dots and select Archive.

Archiving the product will make the product act as deleted. It will no longer be accessible to check out and will be no longer visible on the backend.

It is only recommendable to archive products that won't be used anymore and have no active subscribers (in the case of subscription products). Nevertheless, archiving won't interrupt the renewals of existing subscribers.


Why would I want to unpublish a product?

It can become very handy if you run out of stock, if you're wanting to change billing or pricing of the product or simply because you don't want to offer that product in particular anymore.

Does unpublishing affect existing subscribers?

Nope! If you have any active subscribers, unpublishing the product won't affect their billing cadence at all.

Can I publish an unpublished product again whenever I want?

Of course, you're free to turn the toggle on again when appropriate to start accepting new purchases for that product. 

Can I publish an archived product again?

No, you can't, as the product is no longer accessible in the backend.

And that's it! Give us a shout if you have any questions. 

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