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Setting up surveys

Given the power and flexibility of our survey builder functionality, there are many edge cases and caveats you might want to take into consideration. Here we have some of the most frequently addressed on customer support chat. If there's still something unclear, you know where to find us

What are surveys?

Surveys functionality on Subbly lets you build a customizable checkout flows on your product checkouts so customers can completely tailor their own box and, the best thing about it, they can change their preferences on a regular basis without having to resubscribe to the same product

Please go ahead and take a look into this example here about how surveys actually work and how do they look like on the checkout 

Before we proceed with the regular FAQ, please see this article for more clarity on types of questions you can use on the survey and for general functionality on how you can combine them in order to create a seamless questionnaire for collecting info directly on the checkout. 

Also, there are some important considerations when it comes to changing survey questions, so please go through this article to review them. 

Can I use survey I created apart from the product checkout?

No. Surveys are integral part of the product checkout flow and thus inseparable from the actual product checkout. 

If you'd want to collect info from your customers which is not applicable or related to their actual subscription, you can use external service such as Typeform and integrate the questionnaire for a more streamlined solution. 

How to attach survey to a product checkout?

First of all, make sure that you have your subscription products created (you can do that from here) and your surveys setup (you can do that from here). 

After this has been done, you will need to revisit your product page and add a survey from the drop down on the Step 1 of the product creation wizard as indicated in the picture below

For additional information on how product creation wizard works on Subbly please see here.

Can I add a survey to one-time products?

Not a survey, but we have a neat solution for one times: variants! You can see how to set them up in this article

Can I add products via the surveys?

Yes, this is possible if you're looking for build a box type of subscriptions which allows users to choose the entirety of their box right through the surveys! Make sure to provide the selection using one of the options like the quantity selector and this can determine the actual order quantity and price of the subscription.

Can I add inventory tracking to a survey answer?

Inventory is explained in more detail here.

Yes, this is indeed possible! Make sure to create a SKU for the associated survey answers and connect them on the survey as shown below:

Can I set a survey option as default choice?

Yes, it is possible! By marking the default checkbox on any of the question answers as in the image below, survey question will be automatically marked as default as the customer goes through the survey while on the checkout. This is useful for streamlining the survey flow in case you wouldn't want your customers to be mandated to clickthrough every possible answer on the survey.

Can survey come after the checkout?

Nope. Once added to the checkout flow, surveys will always precede the actual checkout as we need to collect and fetch the data from the survey and some survey answers can play important role in determining the final price on the checkout, so putting the survey after the actual checkout wouldn't make much sense really

We suggest using Typeform, G Form or other tool for collecting data non-corresponding to the actual subscription. 

Video tutorial

For additional clarity and explanation of the survey builder functionality, please check out the video below:


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