How can I send emails to my customers?

There are multiple ways of how you can send emails to your customers on Subbly and it really depends on the use case you're wanting to utilize. But, most importantly, we do provide a plethora of functions/options for reaching out to your customers 😎

  1. You want to just send 1 customer an email: Simply click their email in their profile and send it from your favourite client!
  2. You want all customers to get certain information when they pay/order etc: Use our nifty email template editor to add the important information to the automated emails they are sent. Access it from here. See here for more clarity on how to use it 😊
  3. You want to send a mass mailer to everyone to promote a new product or give time critical information: This is when you'd use an email marketing provider like Mailchimp (there's loads out there). You can setup the Zapier integration to send your customers email address to your chosen provider, when they purchase. You can also export customer data in the order export facility, and import it. Then you can send your campaign out!
  4. Last but not the least, you can utilize one of the coolest features of Subbly - Automations! Automations can be used in many different instances, one of which would be sending out an automated and customized email to a customer when certain criteria and requirements are met.
Having an email marketing strategy is not only useful, but powerful! Check it out

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