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How to add a cookie consent banner to your Subbly site?

Carlos Aguilar Updated by Carlos Aguilar

The purpose of a cookie banner is to get informed consent to use cookies before visitors start using your site.

Unfortunately we do not provide a cookie consent banner, but there are several external options that can be embedded into your site through the custom HTML element as follows:

  • Access to and configure the colors and messages that will be prompted on the banner. Please note that at the bottom of the page you will see a preview of how the banner will look on your site.
  • Copy the code by clicking on "Copy Code"button.
  • Access your website here, and open the site builder.
  • Go to the website builder Dashboard > Site settings > Code injection and paste the code previously copied just before the </body> tag.

That's it! You now have a Cookie consent banner on your site.

Got any questions? Let us know.

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