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How to submit your website to Google, Yandex, Bing or Yahoo?

Submitting and indexing your site is important for your website's SEO (among other things). In this article, you'll learn how to easily submit and index your website across different popular search engines. 

Here and now, we'll explain how to confirm your ownership of Google Search Console to have access to its private Google Search data and keep an eye on how Google Search crawls it.

Goggle states that verification is the process of proving that you own the site that you claim to won. Of course, Google will discover your site even if you don't submit its URL, but it will take some time.

Since every search engine crawls the Internet in order to index pages, submitting your site will speed things up. Moreover, if you make changes to your website, you can just re-submit it. By re-submitting your site, you’ll keep Google in the know and get it to index your website’s latest version. Furthermore, you can submit your site to Bing, Yandex and Yahoo because the more, the merrier.

Verifying your website with the Subbly-given subdomain is not possible! Use your own custom domain instead. You can see here how to connect your custom domain to your Subbly website. 

Submit your website to Google

In order to submit your site to Google, please proceed with the following:

  • Navigate to the Google Search Console website
  • Sign in with your Google Account
  • Click on Add Property
  • Enter your custom domain linked to your website
  • Choose the verification method 'HTML Tag' from the 'Other Verification methods' tab.


  • Copy the HTML tag.
  • Paste into your Website’s Dashboard → Site Settings → Code Injection →  Before field.
  • Click 'Verify' in Search Console

You'll now receive a success message, that states that you're all set to use the Search Console.

If you’ve recently added or made changes to a page on your site, you can ask Google to re-index it by submitting a sitemap. Besides, Google Search Console provides access to Google Search statistics, crawling errors, etc. Refer to this article for more insight on how to force Google to re-crawl your site.

Submit your website to Bing/Yahoo

Before we get started, you need to know that in 2010 Yahoo Webmaster Tools was integrated into Bing Webmaster Tools. That means that Bing provides the actual search engine for Yahoo searches and submitting your site to Bing will do for both.

  • Head over here and create a Bing account
  • Insert the URL of your website and fill out the form.
  • Follow the instructions for Option 2
  • Copy the displayed tag with your custom ownership verification code to the clipboard.
    Paste into your Website’s Dashboard → Site Settings → Code Injection →  Before field.
  • Click 'Verify' in Bing.
Sitemaps are also vital. Bing or other search engines will crawl your site even without a sitemap, however, it is a great way to make the crawling the right way. For more additional information on how to submit a sitemap to Bing, check this article.

Submit your site to Yandex

  • Go to Yandex Webmaster Tools and sign up if needed.
  • Enter your website's URL in the box and click the 'Add' button.
  • Go ahead and copy the meta tag.
  • Paste into your Website’s Dashboard → Site Settings → Code Injection →  Before field.
  • Click 'Save Changes'.
  • Switch back to Yandex Webmaster Tools and click 'Check'.
Use the Sitemap file to inform Yandex about the current structure of the site or speed up the file indexing by clicking the RECYCLE icon. See this guideline provided by Yandex Webmaster in case of further questions.

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