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Can customers add products to their subscription?

Looking to increase overall quantity of an average order? You'll be able to present your customers with the option to add products to their running subscription for a single time or on a recurring basis, which will greatly increase your average renewals!

Survey functionality

One option is to use the quantity type of answer of the survey functionality

It will present an item on the survey directly and the users will be able to select the quantity at a given price, and it will be included automatically in the order at the moment of purchase and on every renewal going forward. Being part of a survey, this question will be asked on checkout but can also be updated later through the customer portal.

This approach is recommended when the item offered can be used on a recurring basis by the subscriber (thus it's an essential part of the product's nature) and his/her particular needs at a given moment can be covered by a larger number of items.

Addons feature

Using the subscription addons tool, customers will be able to add additional items to their subscription either as a one-off product or as a recurring one.

This can be done either via the checkout through funnels, example below:

Or directly from the customer portal (in case that the customer already has an active subscription):

You can read more about subscription addons here.

And with a similar usage, but potentialized, you can leverage the addons upsell feature. With it you can also offer one-time products as addons but this option proves to be useful when you want to provide a special price to your customers and customize the call out as shown below:

Unlike the survey, through addons you can offer items that are merely optional but a complement to the subscription.

To learn in deep how the addons upsell works, please go here.

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