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Want to add some interesting quotes to make your site content more impressive? A cakewalk! All you need to do is drag and drop the ‘Quotes’ icon to the canvas. This is especially useful for adding customer testimonials which are a really powerful marketing tool and it's highly recommended that you feature some customer testimonials on your page!

Getting started

To add a quote, push the ‘Add Quotes’ button and click the plus (+) in a new window.

Now, simply enter the author’s name and type the quote in the proper fields.

You have the chance to add the author’s photo next to the quote as well. Just hover the Author area and click Upload.

Select the desired image in the window and click the ‘Open’ button.

Don't forget to hit ‘Save’ once you're done!

You can add more quotes exactly this same way. To edit the quote text further, click the ‘Quote’ icon from the panel and make the desired changes.

If you want to change the element height, you can do so by moving the green circle controller.

If you want to adjust the width of the element, you can do so by using the black dots on the side of the element. 


If you have more than one quote, you have the option to edit the Slider Type, Animation Speed, enable AutoPlay and adjust the AutoPlay Delay. 

You can also set the Pagination, Arrows and choose the type of Layout you prefer.  

Once again, click 'Save' to have the changes saved.

If you want to change the Quote Element style, push the ‘Brush’ icon from the panel.

You can choose the "Author Text Font Family" from the drop down menu and you can adjust the font size with the option below it. 

You can also make the text stand out more by choosing a specific color from the palette below it. Just click on the color dot next to 'Author Text Font Color' and choose a custom color and its opacity. 

The same steps apply for the Quote Text, if you want to change text font, size and the color. 

You can also change the Link Color, Link Hover Color, Arrow Color and Pagination Color. 

If you want to put a hyperlink on your quote, press on the Quote Element > Edit Quotes > Choose which quote you want to add the link to > select the quote text > press the hyperlink button (Ctrl+K).

Once you press that button, the Link Menu will show up and you can add your hyperlink. You have the option to put an Internal Link or External Link

Internal Links are links from your own website. When you open the internal link tab, you'll see the button 'Select Inner Page.' Once you press it, you'll be shown all of your pages and you can choose which one you want the quote to redirect to.

External Links are links from outside your website. You have the option to choose what type it is:

  • http://
  • https://
  • mailtp:
  • tel: 
  • custom

For both internal and external links, you also have the option to allow your link to Open in New Tab and enable NoFollow Link.

A NoFollow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor. Those are not included in the SEO either. 

Finally, don’t forget to save all settings by pushing the ‘Save’ button.

To change some alignment settings of the element, click the ‘Alignment’ icon and choose the desired position.

The available options are the same as for the other page elements. You may upload a background image or select it from the media, remove the whole block, change the settings for a mobile version, hide the block or save it.

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