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Setting up Braintree (or PayPal through Braintree)

Braintree is PayPal-owner company. You can use Braintree as a separate payment gateway to handle credit card processing through it. You can also add PayPal as a payment gateway (via Braintree) if you'd like to offer PayPal as a payment option to your customers.

For Subbly merchants based in the US looking to setup PayPal integration, please refer to the article here.

Setup steps

In order to setup Braintree (or PayPal via Braintree) on your Subbly, you will first need to have an active Braintree production account.

You can apply for a production account with Braintree for USA, Canada, EU, Australia or the rest of the world.
Based on the Braintree's due diligence, the time and effort that will take for them to submit your application for the production account may vary. Subbly does not have any impact on Braintree's decision nor can we help with expediting or troubleshooting with the process at this point as we're separate entities. 

If you're looking to have PayPal integrated via Braintree and added as a payment gateway to your Subbly account, you will also have to be using PayPal Business.

You can open PayPal business account HERE

After you've been submitted for production account on Braintree and after you have active business account with PayPal, you can proceed with enabling and connecting PayPal to your Braintree as explained HERE

For reference, once inside your Braintree admin, you need to go to Processing section and to make sure to enable PayPal processing from there. These steps are necessary only if you're planning on using PayPal via Braintree.

Connecting Subbly with Braintree (or with PayPal via Braintree)

Now it's time to login to your Subbly account and head over to the Billing section. From there, you need to click on Create new gateway drop-down button and opt for PayPal via Braintree as in the picture below if you want to add PayPal as a gateway, or to click only on Braintree if you're looking to add Braintree as a payment option.

Prompt will be somewhat different depending on whether you're trying to enable Braintree only or PayPal via Braintree. Process is always the same (same values need to be extracted from your Braintree account) but there are a few more steps added if you're looking to add PayPal as an option. Because of that, we will proceed with this step by step guide taking that you're looking to add PayPal via Braintree.

You will be presented with the following window:

All of these values should be readily available in your Braintree account, so we'll need to head back to your Braintree admin now. From the main admin head over to the API section

From inside the API section, you will first see the Public Key, so please copy it to your Subbly admin. 

While on the same page and looking into your API Keys on Braintree, you can click on the View link to reveal your hidden Private Key. Proceed with revealing it and copying it to your Subbly admin. 

After Private Key is revealed, you will get the Merchant ID from the subsequent page as well, so feel free to copy that one to your Subbly admin

At this point, you will need only the Authorize Key to get everything ready. You will need to generate the key from the Tokenization Keys section of your Braintree admin if you haven't done that previously. If you already have this key generated, you just need to copy it. 

Please note that this screenshot was taken from a Sandbox environment, thus this tokenization key from the screenshot has a prefix sandbox. Please note that, in order for this to work and for you to be eligible to take payments through PayPal on Subbly checkouts, you will need to apply to production account on Braintree. So this key will have a prefix of production in your case

It seems that you have everything ready now!

How this works on the checkouts?

Depending on whether you have only Braintree connected or PayPal connected via Braintree, your customers will be presented with different payment options while on the checkout. There are 2 different options they will be able to see on the checkouts, they can be prompted to pay via credit card or via PayPal. They can choose one of these options to proceed and process the payment.

Customers would be able to finish the checkout either by using their credit card (payment will be processed either through Stripe, through Braintree or, whichever is made primary option from here), or by using their PayPal account. 


Am I able to enable Google Pay, Apple Pay or Venmo through Braintree?

Although not a part of Braintree integration, Subbly has introduced Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment options in the the checkout.

Enabling Google Pay is straight forward through the Admin here. When it comes to enabling Apple Pay, the procedure is explained in this article.

What are the fees associated with using Braintree?

Please see here for more information on the applicable fees for using Braintree and/or PayPal. 

If I have PayPal added both as a direct integration or via Braintree to the checkouts, which one will take precedence?

If you have PayPal added both ways to the checkouts, and if customers choose to pay via PayPal on the checkout, payment will be processed through direct PayPal integration (and not through Braintree).

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