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How to create adhoc orders/charges?

Although we tend to automate everything on the backend and to provide a graceful solution that you guys can set to forget, at times there comes a need for you to run a manual charge and create an adhoc order on your customer's account. This is how you do it on Subbly.

Running a manual charge (through Stripe)

To run a manual charge without creating an order on behalf of your customer's account, you will need to do that from Stripe, as it's the general rule of thumb that every charge taken from your customer will create an order as well

So, in order to simply run the charge on a customer's account simply do the following:

  • Login to your Stripe account (the one which you have Subbly connected to)
  • Use the search field and locate the customer in question by using the customer's email
  • When on the customer's profile on Stripe click "Actions" and "Create invoice".
  • Fill out the data with the items that you will charge your customer for, confirm the date, and click "Review invoice".
  • Confirm the invoice and send it!
Note that this won't create an order for the customer on your Subbly admin and that the charge won't be also recorded anywhere in Subbly. If you'd want to create the order for the customer instead, please proceed to the next section.

How to manually create an order on Subbly?

Note that this is different from the above because it will create an order for a customer in question and also with an associated charge or without it (you can run a $0 charge if you want to simply create an order without charging a customer actually). 

In order to create an ad-hoc order for a customer make sure that you access a specific customer profile from the Customers tab of your Subbly admin, navigate over to the Orders tab and choose to add New Order as in the picture below

You will get presented with the widget that will give you 2 different options, which are basically doing the same thing, ie., both of these are only allowing you to create an order for the customer.

Let's go ahead and explain now what the widget is actually doing and what separate options on the widget mean. 

One-off order - This will allow you to freely choose a subscription or a one-time product from the pool of active products, and create an order for that product. 

Add to subscription/Ad-hoc order - This will allow you to choose among customers' active subscriptions (accessible and visible also inside the Subscriptions tab of the customer profile). This one is easier if you're simply wanting to add an order to a customer's existing subscription without having to double-check a variety of different products you already have created.

Please note that add to subscription option does not add the subscription to the customer in question. It will only add the order to the existing subscription. This is usually mistaken among the users so we're mentioning it here.
Using the add-to-subscription order takes 1 period off of the commitment term if the product has commitment terms attached to it. In order to avoid this, you can use the one-off order to make this happen.
Do you want to learn more about commitment terms? Just click here!

Explanation of different fields on the widget

Down below you can find an explanation of different fields you can find on the widget for more clarity:

Choose a product - chooses a product from the pool of active one-time or subscription products that you'd want the order to relate to. 

Shipping address - declares the shipping address for the newly created order (taken from the shipping address field on the customer area for the customer in question)

Card - if the customer has 2 or more cards in their wallet, you will be able to choose one of them from here. We will run the charge against the card chosen. 

How much do you want to charge for the product? - declares the $ amount you're about to charge to the customer for the product. If you leave $0, there will be no charge for the customer, but the order will be created.

Charge - handles whether the charge will occur or not for the stated amount. If disabled, no charge will occur.

Include shipping - handles whether the shipping fees will be included in the price or not. If disabled, no shipping fees will be charged. 

Include survey - handles whether the customer's current survey preferences will be included in the price or not. If disabled, no charge will be taken for the survey preferences. Current survey preferences of the customer (if applicable) will still be presented on the newly created ad-hoc order as separate line items. 

If you have additional questions about this functionality, please feel free to reach out to our support team anytime you like.

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