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How do I get help? (How to contact support)

There are numerous ways how you can get in touch with our friendly customer support team if you're in need of some help or you just need company when you're setting up your store on Subbly or browsing through our site's pages. See what works best for you!

Knowledge Base

If you're setting your store up on Subbly and you need some immediate help with some of the basic features and with the setup, make sure to check out our extensive knowledge base from some most common troubleshooting. 

Simply feel free to type in the search field if you're having a problem with something in particular and it will surely return some useful articles as a result.

Some of the most commonly searched articles:

Subbly University

If you're more of a visual type of learner, our team created the University page where you can learn about how to create and run the store on Subbly through a series of instructional and tutorial videos, check it out below.

Here you can find 3 different types of courses, based on how experienced you're in terms of usage of our platform.

If you're not familiar with our platform, we highly advise starting with the beginner crash course.
If you're not sure where you can find the tutorial you need, feel free to use the search bar.

Also, you can watch some of the masterclasses created by our Subbly experts, by clicking on the Expert Lessons page.

Subbly experts

In case you already have a well-established business and want to further improve and develop your store, or if you are only starting out and need some professional advice or help, we've added the Expert Program that consists of a number of certified Subbly Experts available for hire.

Here's the list of the most common reasons for hiring an expert:

Revamp, replicate, or creation of your website. When on the expert page, focus on Website Design & Development category.

Consultations in terms of further expansion of your business and increasing revenue.

Creation or optimization of your store on the backend on the highest level.

You can get in touch with any of them either directly from the expert's profile located on the Expert page or by contacting our support team.

In the case of the former, when on an expert's profile page, you can add an application request from here:

Chat Widget

As you may have already noticed, there is a chat widget in the lower right corner of your Subbly admin which you can use to chat with one of our customer support agents.

Here's where you can access it from:

The usual response time is within 2-5 minutes, during the weekdays, based on the workload we're currently handling and the availability of the support staff. However, the response time increases during the weekends, to a few hours, when chat is not live.
Note that we will eventually reply to all your queries, so make sure to leave an email so you get notified about our answer.


You can reach out by sending an email with your questions and queries to anytime.


In case you're willing to share your work, knowledge, and experience with fellow Subblians, we've purposefully created a server on Discord. Discord can be also used for getting in direct touch with one of our experts, and also with the support team. In order to access our server, register from here.

This can truly come in handy during the weekends when the response time is higher for all channels of communication.


At this point, we are offering phone support only if you're on our Enterprise plan and you have a designated account manager.

If you're interested in the Enterprise plan make sure to contact us via the chat widget or email for more information. The rest of the pricing plans you can check on this page


Is support available 24/7?

Support is completely covering every day of the week, and responds within 5 minutes. The exception is the weekends when the response time is increased up to a few hours.

How can I tell if awaiting time is going to be longer than usual?

The waiting time will be displayed on the Chat widget, in the send us a message bar.

How can I tell if there are any current issues with Subbly?

If you notice any irregularities, you can always check if there are any changes of the status in the chat widget.

If you click on the status bar, you'll be able to subscribe and be notified about the status change.

Besides the status bar in the chat widget, it's also possible to check the status, via the status page. Unlike the status bar, which shows only the current status, on the status page it's possible to check historical changes and irregularities and what's caused them.

When there is scheduled maintenance and in case a major incident occurs, we also put a banner within the Subbly Admin.

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