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Setting up the checkouts and customer portal on custom domain

As of recently, we introduced the solution that will enable you to move your checkouts and customer portal areas from Subbly-hosted URL's, to your own subdomain. This will help you set conversion tracking for your Facebook Pixel and will also make your business look much more professional as customers won't get redirected away from your store at any time

Having the checkouts hosted on your own domain is mandatory if you'd want to be able to track purchase events for the Facebook Pixel, given that Facebook now makes tracking purchases impossible if the domain is not verified with Facebook. Sticking with the checkouts being hosted on Subbly will not make tracking purchase events on Facebook Pixel possible anymore. 
This feature is charged an additional $5/mo if you're on Basic plan. This feature is free of charge if you're on the Subbly or Advanced plan. Same thing applies for the annual prices. See more about the plans here

Getting everything setup

You can enable or setup this from here

Process is simple and should flow through 3 steps. First step should be declaring the actual subdomain that you'd want your checkouts to be hosted on. Feel free to specify whichever subdomain you'd like, for example

It's important to understand that the same subdomain will be used for both the checkouts and your customer portal, so take that into account when specifying the subdomain. 

After you specify the subdomain you'd want your checkouts and customer portal to be hosted on, you will be presented with automatically generated CNAME record as in the picture below

This is the CNAME record which you'll know need to add to your domains' control panel. 

This is found in the admin where you purchased your domain, under a tab called "DNS settings", "Domain addresses" or something similar depending on the domain provider. 

For example, if your domain is hosted on GoDaddy, this is how the record should look like:

Please note that for the Host value, you should input only account, like shown in the example above and not the full domain. This takes GoDaddy as an example, but the process is the same with any other domain registrar. Host value needs to be identical to the subdomain you previously specified. For example, if your subdomain looks something like - host value needs to be checkout in this case.

Now that you've done that, go back to your Subbly admin, go here, and make sure to click Verify button as in the picture below

Verification can take a couple of minutes but is usually happening instantly. If it fails verification, you will be presented with the error prompt so you'll know that you need to repeat some step of the process. Iterate until you get it verified and until you see the following:


What will happen with my customer's referral links? 

If you're using the referral tool on Subbly, your customer's  referral links will dynamically change when you move the checkouts to the custom domain. 

What will happen with my customer portal login link? 

You will be able to use the same login link you can find inside your admin's Settings here, it will automatically make the redirection to your subdomain if one is in place. 

If I embedded the checkout to an externally built website previously, will the URL update to my custom domain?

No! This is a very important consideration. Once you added your custom domain to Subbly you will need to use the embed widget builder again to get a new code to add to your website

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