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Checkout & Payments

Setting up the checkouts and customer portal on custom domain

Moving the hosting of your checkouts and customer portal area to your own subdomain

Updated 3 months ago

How can I test the checkout and customer login area?

Running the checkouts in test environment

Updated 6 months ago

Setting up your branding

Different options for personalizing the layout of the checkouts

Updated 1 month ago

How do I remove Subbly branding from the checkout?

If you're looking for a completely whitelabeled solution for your checkouts

Updated 6 months ago

How to translate the checkout and the customer portal?

Using Subbly's built-in translation tool for translating and localizing the checkouts and the customer portals

Updated 1 month ago

How do I add Terms & Conditions to the checkout?

If you're looking to add Terms of Use to the checkouts

Updated 3 months ago

Do my customers need to register to make a purchase?

Learn how to enable and what are the benefits of passwordless registration in the checkout

Updated 5 months ago by Sasha

Cart widget behavior

Some general guidelines on how the cart behaves

Updated 1 month ago

Cart widget customization

Streamline the purchase process for your customers by configuring the cart widget.

Updated 3 weeks ago by Rich

Checkout customization options

Customization options for the checkout process

Updated 5 months ago

Which parameters are being passed to the checkout on Subbly?

Get access to checkout parameters

Updated 1 month ago by Sasha

How to enable 3DS confirmation step at checkout?

3D Secure (3DS) requires customers to complete an additional verification step with the card issuer when paying. Learn how to activate it.

Carlos Aguilar
Updated 5 months ago by Carlos Aguilar

Setting up multicurrency

Add additional currencies on top of your store currency so the customers can choose while at the checkout

Souad Mimouni
Updated 1 month ago by Souad Mimouni

How to change the position of the currency symbol at the checkout?

Further customization options of the checkout

Updated 6 months ago

Why are my checkouts not working?

How to troubleshoot some of the most common errors you get at the checkout

Updated 6 months ago
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