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How do I set the currency for my store?

The currency of your store is a very important part of running a online business. Your customer base needs to have the best possible user experience in order to facilitate more sales and having the store in their own currency makes the process much easier!

Currency is regulated by the country of trade settings you have registered your store to. Since there is only one option associated with any store, the currency will always default according to the country of trade.

You can set the country of trade inside the general options by clicking HERE and navigating inside the admin.

Do note that you are able to adjust this option until your first registered subscription. After that, this option will be greyed out and it will not be possible to change it!

Currently, we provide service in the following countries listed in the article HERE

Note that you are able to set the country of trade which is different than your physical address.

Following this logic, if your shop is registered as country of trade in the US for example, the currency will automatically be set to USD ($).

If you're interested in offering different currencies, you can use our multi-currency feature.

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