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Impact made by a thoughtful and descriptive Title shouldn't be underestimated, so take your time to choose right titles and style for your site.

Getting started

To add a Title, drag and drop the ‘Title’ element to the canvas.

Double click on it to edit the text and check out all the options available on the Tools Panel above. You can make the desired changes in just a few clicks!

Move the pointers on both sides to change the borders.

Pick the text font by simply highlighting the text and clicking the ‘Font’ icon. All you need to do now is choose the desired font from the dropdown menu. 

What about the Title size? To change it, click 'H1' and choose the desired size from the dropdown menu. Else, you can select the font size from the range of 0.1 em to 4.0 em. Confused about em? Don't worry, it's simply a unit of expressing size!

Need some space? Change the space between letters or the lines, highlight the text and opt for 'Letter Spacing’ or ‘Line Height’. Make use of the pointer to set the desired distance. 

You'll find options to make the Title ‘Bold’ (B), ‘Italic’ (I), ‘Underline’ (U) it or have all the letters capitalized ‘TT’ as well.

You can also set the text tabulation to ‘Left’, ‘Center’, ‘Right’ or just ‘Spread’ it.

Need to emphasize the Title using colors? Just click the ‘Color’ icon and select the desired color shade and its opacity.

Don't forget to hit the Mark icon to save your recent text changes.

To add a link to your Text element, click the ‘Link’ icon and input your URL address, be it Internal, External or Anchor. In case of the external links you can even add a 'mailto' or 'phone' option from the drop down menu for direct emails and clickable phone numbers.

Once you're done, click ‘Save’ to have all changes saved! To remove the link, highlight the text and click the ‘Unlink’ icon.

If you think you don't need a Title anymore, click the ‘Trash’ icon and hit ‘Delete’ to remove it in a blink of an eye.

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