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Do my customers need to register to make a purchase?

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Yes, a new customer has to create an account when going through checkout. However, aligned with the latest standards and demand, Subbly has introduced a passwordless registration option.

Difference between standard registration and passwordless registration

The standard procedure when it comes to registration is to input an email address and a password, then confirm that password, and only then an account is created. These credentials are later utilized to log into the customer portal. With passwordless registration, a customer doesn't have to input a password in the registration part of the checkout flow (Subbly will generate it for them).

By lowering the steps required, this tool can increase checkout conversion and improve user friendliness, when it comes to initial purchases and the sign up process.

How to activate passwordless registration?

To activate this functionality, go to Advanced settings. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and enable this toggle - Allow customers to register without a password.

By enabling this toggle you allow your customers to skip registration step of entering a password during the checkout.

How does this functionality work in practice?

Here's a video of a checkout that has this functionality enabled, from a perspective of a new customer.

As you can see in the video above, when the functionality is enabled, a new customer is not prompted with adding password during the checkout phase. All they have to do is add email address and press the arrow to move forward.

How are passwords generated and distributed?

Passwords are randomly generated by our system. They are completely secured and the combination is always of the highest complexity. Only customers have access to them — when they sign up and the shipping information step is completed, the system instantly generates the password and sends it to the email they have just registered.

If a customer is not satisfied with their password, or find it complicated, they can always undergo the password reset procedure, that's explained here.

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