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How to change renewal date for a customer?

Here at Subbly, we always give our best to make life easier for our merchants. As of now, we gave you, a merchant, a discretion to manually change renewal dates you're customers are currently on, without them needing to resubscribe or do anything on their end.

Changing a renewal date

Now you can manually change renewal dates for your customers directly from your Subbly admin. This gives you the flexibility to set subscription periods and rebilling dates for your customers nice and easy.

Use case: Let's say that you have a monthly product and that your customers are rebilled on the same exact day each month (ad-hoc billing option on Subbly product creation page). By manually changing their renewal dates, you can create a custom setup so all your customers are rebilled on the same day each month (13th of the month for example), no matter when they initially signed up.

In order to manually change a renewal date for your customer, simply go to Subscriptions section on your admin, choose customer you want to change renewal date for, click on the dots in the Subscriptions section as in the picture below and click on the renewal date.

You can choose from the calendar that's about to pop-up the next rebilling date for this particular customer.

Please note that after the rebilling date has been changed, a subscription will retain the new date.

For example, if you changed the rebilling date to be 9th of the month and it's a monthly subscription, then this particular customer will be rebilled on every 9th of the month thereafter.

Changing renewal dates for customers in batch

There are times when you need to move renewal dates for all subscribers currently using your service. Luckily enough, we do offer a neat solution for that as well.

In order to process changing a renewal date for your customers in a batch, you will have to:

  1. navigate to Subscriptions tab of your admin
  2. click on Select All or mark as many as you wish
  3. click on Change Renewal Date
  4. choose the new renewal date and save

That should do it.

Important considerations and caveats

Changing renewal date may result in some edge cases if the following is the case:

If customer already has an invoice overdue when switching renewal date for this particular customer, this does not forgive an outstanding invoice that customer has. Please consider either voiding or forgiving the invoice as explained here to avoid customer from being billed.

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