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Setting up the referral tool on Subbly

Referral tool is perhaps the most frequently used tactic to bring more customers on board building on top of existing trust. If you are not yet familiar with the power of this marketing tool, we suggest running through this blog post for getting more grip on the subject.

The Referral tool is available on all plans on Subbly. However, there are different usage limits for how many customers you can have referred based on the pricing plan you're currently on. To double-check your current usage you can double-check the My Plans page within the admin. Finally, you will be able to see who referred who and the list of your top referrers only if you're on one of the following plans: Subbly or Advanced

Why should I use the referral tool and how it can benefit my business?

We can go on and on giving you lots of reasons why, but we will try to keep it simple and will just say:

  • It will prove cheaper than running other marketing tools (like paying for ads for example);
  • It will help you make a satisfied and loyal customer base

Why do we say this?

Firstly, all of you who care for marketing of your business (and if you’re reading this, you definitely do) know that it takes around 30, 50, sometimes even 100$ spent on ads to get one customer.

By offering just 10, 15 or 20$ to the existing customer you can get your new subscriber for much less. Plus your existing customer will benefit from this situation and we all know that there is no better marketing than satisfied customers advocating for your business!

So, we advise you to do your math now and come up with the amount of credit large enough to be compelling to your customers to actually push for the referrals. You know your margins! Try looking long-term and don’t be tight.

So, how to set this up in Subbly?

Very easy! All the settings can be managed on this page.

Basically, what you’ll need to do is to:

  1. Enable the referral program on your store by hitting the switch;
  2. Input how much money in the terms of credit you want to give to the referrer and
  3. Input how much money in the terms of credit you want to give to a referee.
  4. Save rewards, sit back, and watch the magic happen

And if you are not familiar with the terms above:

  • Referrer is your current customer who will invite his friend to subscribe to your product;
  • The referee is the referrer’s friend who will want to subscribe to your product after he hears good stuff about it (and after he hears that he will get a discount on his first box also).

How does this work in practice?

So, after you have it all set up and saved, all your customers willing to refer someone to your store will need to promote the referral link that they can find in their customer login area or at the end of their checkout.

New subscribers (referees) will have to sign up for your service via the referral link provided in order for both parties to get credit. 

Referral tool transaction fees

Although the referral tool doesn't come with the monthly price, there is still an additional transaction fee levied depending on the plan you're currently on. 

  • Lite or Basic plan - transaction fee is 5%
  • Subbly plan - transaction fee is 4%
  • Advanced plan - transaction fee is 3%
The referral transaction fee is charged on top of the regular Subbly's fee (1% or 1.25%) and is charged for every payment for the referred customer, not only the first payment.


How do my customers know what their referral code is? Where do they find it?

There are basically 3 different places where your customers will be able to see/find their unique referral code: 

Is it possible to know who referred who?

Yes, this functionality is enabled for you if you're on Subbly or on the Advanced plan with Subbly. You will be able to see who referred who from HERE within your admin. 

And that’s basically it. We at Subbly hope that you’ll get good use of this feature and that will help you grow your business to unforeseen heights.

If you need further clarification on how to run this feature, don’t hesitate to contact us on

Now that you're ready to start your referral program you might be interested in learning how to create a solid marketing strategy. Check our blog post here!

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