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Why my customer wasn't charged?

Sometimes you'll get confused on why the customer wasn't charged when you thought they should. There are some common misunderstandings of certain features/situations that can lead to customers not being charged. This article will list some common ones.

Subscription is a gift subscription

The most common occurrence is when a customer has purchased a gift subscription which is set to start at some date in the future!

This is an option with gift subscriptions which are presented to the customer on checkouts and they are able to set a future date when it should occur and number of shipments for the duration of the total subscription! In that case, customers profile will get created and you will be able to see their sub as active and running, but there will be no associated order until the date specified is reached!

You'll also see a couple of tags like "Gift subscription" and "Not started" which are crucial to separating them from regular subscriptions. When this is present, simply check the renewal date specified on their profile in the admin, as this will be the starting date and when they will be initially charged!

Learn more about gifting here.

Customer's credit card was declined

This one is not as common but can occur from time to time as well.

In this case, there are issues blocking the payment and this is always related to the payment method the customer has on file! Most of the time, it's due to lacking funds or some similar issue and Stripe issues decline codes which give some contexts to these, if you need to follow up with the customer or simply stay informed about it.

You can always check the reasoning behind it in the transactions section by hovering over the Failed label as in the image below

​Find out more on how you can handle customer's invoices here.

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