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Why my checkout redirects to a different product?

Jun Hyeok Yang Updated by Jun Hyeok Yang

Ever wondered why you're seeing a certain product after clicking a completely separate one? This article explains this interaction in-depth so make sure to review it to learn more!

How does it work? 

The way the system works is that by clicking on a certain product, the checkout window will appear immediately! (be it a subscription or one-time product)

One-time products are a bit different, as you can have X items in a single cart at the same time!

The issue can happen if:

  1. There are multiple one-time products with variants, where the users abandon the variants selection on the initial product and try to open a 2nd one.
  2. The subscription survey window hasn't been completed and the users try to open a one-time product with variants.

How to troubleshoot?

When clicking on a product with variants, similar to a subscription with surveys, the user needs to complete the actual pop-up window that appears with the personalization choices, in order to proceed to the checkout. If the user closes the window before doing so (drops out) and clicks on the next product with variants as well, the previous pop-up window associated with the former product will appear first, before continuing in quick succession to the next as the system remembers the previous choice. Only after completing the initial pop-up window, the user will proceed to the next and this, in turn, causes confusion. (as it appears that clicking on a new product opens the wrong product which is incorrect.)

As always, make sure to reach out to us on the help chat if you need any further assistance!

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