How do I remove Subbly branding from the checkout?

If you're wanting to remove reference to Subbly from both the checkout and from the customer login area, we suggest you consider opting for the whitelabeled solution we offer 😎

What does whitelabeling do?

Whitelabeling will ultimately remove the Empowered by Subbly reference you're seeing in the footer of your checkouts and on your customer login area, as well as Powered by Subbly caption in the footer of your website if you're using Subbly's website builder. 

Whitelabeling does not move the hosting of the checkouts to your own domain. If you're looking to do that, please refer to the article 👉 HERE

How to opt for whitelabeled solution?

Whitelabeling is only available on the following plan: Advanced. Please look into this article here for more information on our pricing plans. 

For any additional questions, please let us know on chat 📢

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