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Checkout & cart widget behavior

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Have some doubts about how the cart is managed once the customer has initiated the checkout process? Read below for further clarification!

How to get to the cart view inside the checkout?

Once you move to the checkout section, you can review your order, and if you want to make a change or edit your cart, click on the Continue shopping option at the top. You will be returned to the previous section and you can navigate from there to manage the subscription plan and preferences you've chosen at the start, without needing to go through the whole process again.

Once you are back in your Cart, you can click on the pen and edit the preferences selected as shown in the picture below:

Or click on the small bin icon at the top, remove the product from your cart, and continue shopping/replacing the subscription product.

How do surveys work on the cart widget?

Surveys functionality on Subbly lets you build customizable checkout flows on your subscription products checkouts so customers can completely tailor their own boxes. Learn more about surveys here.

When a subscription is added to the cart, if any survey is linked to the product/pricing plan, the customer will be displayed with the survey questions in the cart widget in which customers will be able to save preferences in order to proceed with checkout as shown in the following image.

Survey's preferences can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon which will display the survey to change its selections as mentioned in the previous section above.

How to remove/change the number of items from the cart?

Product quantity can be edited from the cart widget, you can add and subtract the number of items for one-time products by clicking on the "+" and "-" icons. When the number of products is reduced to 1 a "trash bin" icon will be displayed which can be used to delete the product from the cart.

You can delete subscription products from the cart widget by clicking on the "trash bin" icon or by going into edit mode and clicking the "trash bin" icon found at the bottom right of the cart widget.

From the checkout, you can delete subscription products if you have at least 1 subscription and 1 one time product added to the cart. Click on the EDIT button and you'll be able to either remove the subscription and only keep the one-time product and/or decrease/increase one-time items:

If you only have 1 subscription product in the cart and want to remove it to add a different one, just go back to the store and remove the subscription product from the cart widget as explained previously.

How to add an addon to the cart?

An add-on product is an additional item sold which is attached to a subscription product or membership. Learn more about subscription add-ons here.

The way to enable a one-time product as an add-on to a subscription is by enabling the toggle "Add to subscription" under the one-time product. Simply click on it as shown below to add that product to the subscription and it will renew with the subscription using the same pricing plan rules.

Can I have more than 1 subscription item in the cart at the same time? 

No, please note you can only have 1 subscription product in the cart at a time. Adding a new subscription product will prompt a message asking to replace the previous product from the cart as shown in the following image.

However, if you would want your customers to be able to purchase more than 1 subscription during checkout, you can set up the post purchase funnel.

This feature will let you build up your own flow that will be presented to customers after purchasing the initial product. In this part you can offer more subscription products to customers while still having them at checkout! 

How to change the shipping address and shipping method at the checkout?

While at the checkout, you will be asked to submit your address, afterwards you will be prompted to select among your input addresses or add a new one. 

Be aware that saved addresses can not be edited while at checkout.

After selecting the desired address and continuing, you’ll be prompted with the shipping methods available for your location.

You can still change your shipping address and shipping method before processing payment.

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