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Subscription add-ons

Ever wondered if you could attach a one time product to a running subscription and it keeps renewing alongside it? Well, look no further, as we have introduced this feature with the latest Funnels update in order to expand and simplify the way you offer additional products with your main subscriptions.

Video tutorial

In case you're more comfortable with the video tutorial, please check one below:

What are addons and how to enable them?

Addons are a feature which allows you to attach a one time product as part of a running subscription. This is extremely helpful if you wish to expand your offering without making any changes to an already existing subscription.

The way this can be attached is in multitude of ways, but most convenient way would be using the funnels feature with one of your pre, mid or post purchase offers.

Another important thing is that you have an option to add it only once or forever, meaning it would apply to a single renewal or indefinitely. 

The widget will be displayed after you've marked the option as checked.

How to add the addon item to customer's subscription through the customer profile?

If you wish to avoid having to set up funnels and one of the pre or post purchase offerings, then you would still be able to attach an addon via the customer pages.

This is done directly on the profile on the active subscriber like shown below:

A pop-up widget will appear and you simply need to choose the associated product which will be part of the subscription and it will apply from the next renewal going forward.

Addon will be visible on the subscription pages as well as on the portal area like shown below where both the merchant on the admin and the customer on the portal area will be able to manage it effortlessly.

How to add and manage addons through the customer portal area?

Customers will also be able to do this from their end which further simplifies the process. They would need to navigate to Subscriptions > Manage.

There would be a button as shown below which will trigger a widget which takes you through the process.

After selecting the products you wish, the choice will be reflected on both the admin and the portal area and you'll be able to see the choice and remove if if needed.

What do Quantity and Duration stand for? Quantity stands for how many items of the one time selected product the customer will be receiving per shipment, and the duration decides the frequency, i.e. will there be only one or indefinite amount of shipments.

For example if you put 2 quantity and select once as duration, this means that only one shipment will be sent to the customer and the quantity of that shipment will be 2 items.
This functionality is different from Addons Upsell that's also present in the Customer Portal, however they fall in the same category, once there are added choices of either subscription add-ons, or Addons Upsell.

How to include addons directly from the checkout?

You'll be able to choose (subscribe) to the addon on the checkouts directly as shown below:

  • It requires you to add a one time product to the cart and it can be via the funnels, through regular add to cart functionality and so on.
  • If you toggle subscribe, the one time product will be added to the subscription you're purchasing and it will keep renewing as the sub renews.


How can a one time product always be an addon, when added to the cart?

It's possible to customize the URL of a desired bundle (one time product) to always be taken into account as an addon. To achieve that do the following:

In case of wanting the addon to last forever, add this extension to the URL of a product: ?addon=1

Example -

In case of wanting the addon to last only once, add this extension to the URL of a product: ?addon=1&duration=1

Example -

The one time products are located here. The URL of a product can be found under the Slug field, in the product setup.
The custom URLs cannot be added through regular Product button. They will only work when added as external link of a Regular button.

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