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Setting up a specific billing time

It's known that every subscription product has a renewal date as part of regular behavior. Sometimes it's of vital importance for the renewal dates not to be only aligned in terms of a day or a date, but also the exact time of renewal.

Why and when should I use this feature?

1. Setting a specific subscription renewal or billing time can be useful in forcing payments to be processed altogether instead of throughout the day. For example, if your operation requires the orders to be generated at a particular time of the day so your team can start preparing the product, you can enable this option and ensure the process will run like clockwork.

2. Enabling this feature can contribute to a more streamlined customer experience. Moreover, by setting a certain subscription billing or renewal time, you can manage your customer's expectations more conveniently.

Specific renewal time is available only for merchants on Advanced pricing plan.

How to enable this feature?

To access this feature, firstly go to Billing section in the Admin

Then click on the time widget, and add a desired time


Why wasn't a customer charged on the specified time?

Your customer not being charged on a specific time is directly tied to the product setup of the purchased subscription.

If the first order behavior of the purchased subscription product is set to Charge immediately & Ship on regular date, the selected time is ignored, and the customer is immediately charged.

The renewal time will be taken into account for the upcoming renewal date of the purchased subscription.

If the first order behavior is set to Charge & Ship on regular dates, the system will take into account the selected billing or renewal time during the first billing.

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