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Upcoming Renewal Email

Do you need a way to send regular notifications to your customers days prior to the actual renewal? No worries, we've got you covered on that one.

Introduction and setup

Before we proceed, please note that beside this one, Subbly gives you a bunch of different email triggers which are automatically being sent to your customers when certain events occur (for example, new subscription, new order, expired card for the customer, etc...). You can review, manage and enable/disable them from here

Make sure to check this article for more info on how email facilities are handled on Subbly. 

Setting up days before upcoming renewal attempt is important as it directly affects the Upcoming Renewal email template and controls how many days before the actual renewal will this email be triggered.

You can manage this setting from within your Subbly admin by going here and changing the value of the setting below:

Use case examples

Still wondering why and how you should be utilizing this one? Here are only some of the use cases why this setting might be important for you:

  • you are mandated to send the upcoming renewal email by bank standards or by some other law
  • there is an important information associated with your upcoming shipment that you'll like to share with your subscribers before the actual renewal
  • contents of your box are different and you give your customers the option to change the preferences/contents associated with their next shipment so you'd want to remind them days' before renewal about the necessity of taking appropriate action of possibly amending their choices/preferences
  • you want to give to your customers an option to opt-out before the actual renewal has been processed

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