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Seasonal subscriptions

Seasonal subscriptions are nothing more than a special subtype of anchored subscriptions. We just listened to our merchants and found out that they are using this special term for this type of product setup, so we're building an article to explain it a bit better to you.


Most common example here would be a seasonal box that is being sent once every quarter on an exact days of the year. Let's take the following cadence as an example: 

  • 1st of January
  • 1st of April
  • 1st of July
  • 1st of October

This is just something very common that we're seeing but you can freely choose whichever dates suits you (they don't have to be in the same span, you can set completely random X dates throughout the year, useful if you're running a holiday box for example).

This is how the setup should look like on the product widget builder:

Similarly you can set a holiday box as well (the one that ships only on chosen dates throughout the year). 

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