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How to use gift vouchers?

Andrija Krstic Updated by Andrija Krstic

Wanting to offer gift vouchers for your customers during this Holiday season? This article will explain everything about the setup so your customers can share your great products with their loved ones.

What are gift vouchers? (Video tutorial)

Gift vouchers are a newly introduced type of product which offer the option to purchase and provide a gift voucher to your friends and family, as a gift, especially during the holiday season. It works dynamically as the buyer purchases the product by going through the checkouts and the recipient receives a unique code which he uses to discount any product they wish during their own checkout experience.

We've recorded a video footage showcasing how you can set the gift vouchers on Subbly and with ease:

How to create a gift voucher?

Gift voucher is created in the admin, on the product setup screen and it has it's own category, located as shown below:

Once you navigate and create your first gift voucher, the basic steps will look familiar, as it's the same process as any other product.

Key difference here is the denominations screen which looks similar to the variant selection you might see on the one time products. The difference here is in the amount offered to the buyer. The amount they choose will be the discount which is gifted to the recipient and what is charged on the checkouts.

One unique thing related to the gift vouchers is the expirations period. This applies to the gift vouchers and sets a duration for when it's redeemable.

After expiration of the duration period if one is set for gift vouchers, vouchers will no longer be valid and customers won't be able to redeem the voucher anymore, even if it hasn't been used previously.

How it works on the checkout?

After you've completed the gift voucher setup, only thing left to do is publish and your customers would be able to use the functionality to its fullest potential.

Customers are greeted with this window where they can choose the amount of their denomination.

Once they select their choice, they can select if the gift voucher confirmation email is sent to them or the gift recipient themselves and they can provide the emails needed and a gifting message which is added automatically.

You can track any issued gift voucher in the designated section mentioned previously under the "Issued" tab.

Code found on the right column of the screenshot above is what the gift recipient receives and this will be used on the checkouts as a way to apply the voucher.

How customers get their unique voucher code?

Once the initial customer purchases a gift voucher and adds the email of the gift recipient like shown previously, they will get an automatic email which includes all of the necessary info! We have a specific email template just for this which is found in the email section HERE and you'll be able to adjust the template like with any other you had previously, to match your business.

FAQs and important considerations

  • If the total amount on the checkouts is lower then the total value of the voucher, the rest will be carried over to the next purchase the customers make on the store. (similar to store credit).
  • Coupons and gift vouchers are mutually exclusive and they can't be added in the same checkout. (as the purpose of both is to discount the base product)

As always, if you have any additional questions or need assistance in setting up, feel free to reach out 24/7 to our support team!

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