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How do customers leave a review for my products?

If you're looking to give your customers a way to review your products directly on site, here are the options you might want to take into consideration.

Alternatives for Product Reviews element

As we don't  have a classic Product Reviews element on Subbly's website builder, some elements that you might want to consider using instead are:

  • Quotes element - which will enable you to manually add customer's testimonials based on what your customers had to say about your products via email or on social media (you can even screenshot your customer's posts/comments and include them here)
  • Form element - if you want to give your customers an opportunity to write a review for the product and send it over to you, make sure to include the Form element right beneath the product page in question

If you want to see a more comprehensive solution for collecting your customer's feedback, please make sure to add your vote to an existing feature request or add a completely new one on our public board HERE

Our product team is listening what you need!

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