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Cancellation Analytics

Running a cancellation survey should be an integral part of your retention policy. Understanding why your customers want to cancel their subscription in the first place may help you mitigate your churn to a great extent. Luckily enough, Subbly offers you a very simple way of utilizing this.

Video tutorial

We also developed and deployed the Cancellation Surveys/Flow option that works perfectly in conjunction with this. It's a perfect retention tool which you can use to revert your customer's cancellations so please take a look HERE on how it works. For a detailed video on how to setup your Churn Suite and retain your customers like a rockstar, please check our video below.

Managing cancellation reasons

This feature is available across all Subbly plans. However, please note that you will be able to add custom cancellation reasons only if you're on Basic, Subbly or Advanced. If you're on the Lite plan, you are able to use only default cancellation reasons.

In order to set your cancellation survey you'll need to login to your Subbly admin and go here

Here, you can include questions that will be presented to the customer after he decides to cancel. You can add new options, edit existing or delete current options as in the picture below:

Handling cancellation analytics

You can access the cancellation analytics on global or individual basis. Global cancellation analytics will show a line chart on the Churn Insights tab of your admin (picture below). This will give you general idea of what is the most common reason your customers are cancelling their subscription. 

If you'd want to go into a bit more detail and see which customer cancelled and for what reason, you'd want to navigate over to Cancellations in Settings from your admin, and click on the Cancelled Subscriptions tab where you'll see a complete list of cancelled subscribers along with the cancellation reason in a separate column.

Looking into Reason column, you'll exactly know which customer cancelled and for what reason. Therefore, you'll know whether you'd be able to offer a solution that will help you retain the customer.


Can my customers input their own reason?

Yes, on the customer portal there is a text input which will enable them to input their own reason for cancelling which will make it easier for them to express themselves and for you to understand what is it they need exactly.

Are customers mandated to provide a reason when cancelling their account?

Yep, if you have this properly setup they will have to choose one of the options when initiating cancellation.

Where can I review what they wrote in the text input field?

If they had additional comment when cancelling, they can write it down in the appropriate text field on the customer portal. 

You are able to access comments from individual customers by going here > navigating to the customer you'd want to review (just click on the customer name) > go to the section on top Subscriptions and you will be able to see the reason right under the cancellation tab like shown in the picture :

Lastly, you are able to export your customer's cancellation reasons by running an export from the Customers tab at any point.

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