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Handling out of stock

With inventory management on Subbly, you will be able to effortlessly manage your customer's expectations when it comes to handling the product's stock. This is very effective when you want to make sure that your customers can still join the waiting list if some product is currently out of stock

Video tutorial

Please note that this feature is only available on the following Subbly plansBasic (limited to 25 out of stock sign ups per month), Subbly and Advanced.

For video tutorial on how you can combine inventory management and out of stock to control your product's stock, please check our video tutorial below:

How out of stock works?

Prerequisite for being able to successfully handle out of stock is to have the inventory management figured out and to have groups and SKUs of products created. Inventory stock of certain products is being deducted automatically as new customers are checking out on your products and as new renewals are being processed. You can monitor and update the stock of your SKUs at any point from inside the Inventory panel on your admin. 

In order for Out of stock feature to work on your checkouts, you will first need to enable it from here.

If you keep the toggle enabled, the out of stock functionality will be active and your customers will see the out of stock label on the checkouts. 

Also, you can manage subscriptions renewals automatically if you don't have sufficient stock by enabling the following toggle

If there isn't enough stock for the survey choices, subscriptions product's SKUs or/and add-ons, the order will be voided and the renewal date of the subscription will be pushed to the next cycle. You'll receive an email notification as well so you can manage it for the current period if needed.

You need to keep enabled "Limit purchase of products with insufficient stock" toggle in order to activate "Limit renewal of products with insufficient stock".

How does this work on the checkouts?

If one of your items is currently not available, the customers won't be able to choose the SKU in question whilst checking out. What they will see on the checkout is the following

Customer will be able to join the waiting list and provide their email so he/she can get informed when the product gets back on stock (when you amend the order stock count for the product from inside the Inventory panel). 

We will automatically send the In Stock email to the customer. 

Note that you can amend the contents of this email template at any point from inside the Emails section of your admin. 

You can read more on the Emails functionality HERE

How does out of stock display on your website?

If you are using Subbly's website builder to build your website, you can use the Products element to display your products, or you can also build a custom product layout if you want.

We recently introduced some UI improvements and we're happy to say that you'll be able to display the out of stock directly on the website using our website builder.

In order to enable this, simply navigate to the product options after first displaying it on the website and click on Edit product > Actions > Stock > Enable Stock as shown below.

And than you will see the following:

This will display the "out of stock" directly on the product element and if a customer tries to buy the product using the purchase button, a popup window will appear to confirm that the product is indeed not available for purchase at the moment.

If you happen to have any extra questions about this, please do let us know.

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