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Adding conversion tracking to the checkouts

You are able to add tracking codes and custom JS to the success page (or the thank you page of our checkouts). These scripts will be executed in a separate iframe when the customer finishes with the checkout.

Adding conversion tracking to the checkouts

Please note that this document explains setting up conversion tracking to the Subbly checkouts! If you're looking to set tracking events on your site's pages, please visit this document here for more explanation.
Tread carefully here! Adding js to the checkouts may hurt conversions and response/loading times of the checkouts. If you're not sure about adding things to it, please reach to our technical support for help.

To add your own code to the checkout simply do the following:

  • Go here
  • Paste your code in the blank field.
  • Click save, and you're done!
Please note that we already have a solution for setting up conversion tracking for both Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. You won't need to set these up as duplicates by pasting the conversion tracking code for these or any other directly integrated tools here.
Alternative solution for adding conversion tracking codes to the checkouts without using the Conversion Tracking panel here is through Google Tag Manager integration. One good example would be including TikTok tracking pixels through it.

Twig/JS Variables

Twig or JS variables can be used on the checkouts to dynamically pass data on some triggers through the checkout. 

Some of these variables include:



Customer ID


Customer First Name


Customer Last Name


Customer Email


Order ID (A unique ID)


Order Total


Order Currency ISO Code


Order Timestamp


List of these variables might not be finite. If you're not seeing the variable you're looking for in the table above, please reach out to our support team, let us know what you're looking for and we'll give our best to help you out.

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