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Adding conversion tracking to the checkouts

You are able to add tracking codes and custom JS to the success page (or the thank you page of our checkouts). These scripts will be invoked in a separate iframe when success page is reached. 

Please note that this document explains setting up conversion tracking to the Subbly checkouts! If you're looking to set tracking events on your site's pages, please visit this document here for more explanation.

To add your own code to the checkout simply do the following:

  • Go here
  • Paste your code in the blank field.
  • Click save, and you're done!
You can see an example of setting up conversion tracking for Facebook Pixel in the article HERE

Twig/JS Variables

Twig or JS variables can be used on the checkouts to dynamically pass data on some triggers through the checkout. 

Some of these variables include:



Customer ID


Customer First Name


Customer Last Name


Customer Email


Order ID (A unique ID)


Order Total


Order Currency ISO Code


Order Timestamp


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