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Cancellation Offers (Cancellation Flow)

This is by far the best retention tool that one can use in order to revert customer's decision to cancel their subscription. Offering a % discount for the next order or a possibility to skip a month when they try to cancel can be a game changer and can turn the uncertain customer to a long-term one. It's all about taking care of your customers

Video tutorial

This feature is available on the following plans: Subbly and Advanced
This works in conjunction with the Cancellation Analytics feature we've already deployed a while ago. Setting up a proper cancellation survey is essential here and it will directly be connected to the cancellation reasons you can modify from here. Check the video below for a tutorial on how to setup Churn Suite on your store.

How to setup a special offer on the cancellation?

Adding custom cancellation reasons is only possible if you're on the following pricing plans: Subbly or Advanced

From now on, it should be relatively easy for you to set the cancellation offer for the customer wanting to cancel.

For each of the cancellation reasons stated on the page here, you are able to set the unique offer which will be presented to the customer when he/she tries to cancel the subscription and chooses a specific reason on the cancellation survey. 

In order to better understand the reasoning behind setting up the cancellation flow, let's take the following situation for example: 

Customer wants to cancel his/her subscription because he/she finds it expensive. What can you do?

So what you can do in this situation is offer a possible coupon discount for the customer to revert the cancellation, right? In order to do that you need to create the offer which will pop up for the customer when they opt to cancel from their customer portal. It could look something like this ...

If you have something like this setup, when your customer tries to cancel he/she will be presented with this offer and will be able to keep his/her subscription if they choose to claim the offer.

One more important feature to note is that you can offer the option to pause instead of canceling which might decrease the churn rate significantly. You can offer a subscription pause, on cancellation intent as an alternative to canceling totally.

And that's how you retained a customer!

Types of cancellation offers

When setting up a cancellation offer, you are able to choose from 4 different types of actions right now. Additional explanation on what each one of these does can be found below. 

Add a tag - Adds a tag to the customer's profile. How tagging works is further explained here

Apply balance - Applies a credit balance to the customer's profile. Balance will be deducted from customer's next renewal payment. 

Skip subscription - Presents the customer with an option to skip a payment or two. You need to make sure that you have skipping enabled on your store (you can enable/disable from here). You can find more information on how skipping works here

Pause subscription - you will be able to offer your customers a possibility to pause the subscription as well if you have pausing enabled for your customers

Apply coupon - applies a previously created coupon to the customer's subscription if he/she claims it on the checkout. You can double-check how to create coupons here.

Change plan - you will be able to offer your customers the possibility to change their current plan to any of the existing plans that the product has instead of fully cancelling.

Don't forget to double-check our complete Churn Optimization Suite for better results! Read more about it here.

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