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How to integrate Subbly checkouts to any external website

Although the best course of action would be using Subbly for both the backend and frontend (both running and designing your eCommerce store), integrating Subbly with an external CMS or the website builder is still possible. This article shows two feasible options that you might want to resort to.

If you didn't use Subbly to build your website, make sure that you're running on Checkout Only mode. Read more on how you can enable this mode inside your Subbly admin in this article.

Three options

There are two options to tackle embedding and integrating Subbly's product checkouts onto an externally built site.

  1. Proper way would be integrating Subbly's cart widgets to an external site
  2. Path of least resistance would be simply linking the product CTA buttons to Subbly product checkout URLs.
  3. Build the fully custom solution on top of our powerful cart/checkout API and SDK.

Although both of these options will result in doing the same thing, we'd wholeheartedly suggest going down the cart widget route for the best customer experience and journey.

Integrating cart widgets

If you want to use best marketing and design practices and provide a smooth checkout experience to your customers you'd definitely want to take advantage of Subbly's powerful cart widget functionality. Works well with literally any website builder or CMS.

You can find detailed instructions on how to integrate Subbly's cart widgets in this article.

Customization options when integrating cart widgets are limitless. You can substitute the cart on your existing site to invoke Subbly's cart as in an example below.

Or you can add a floating cart that's going to be made sticky to your site so customers can call the cart at any point by simply clicking on the floating cart icon.

Check these neat examples of Subbly merchants having cart widgets properly integrated into their existing stores, all without disrupting their brand and customer flow.

Example 1: Alpha Traditions (Wordpress + Subbly)

Example 2: The Calligraphy Box (Showit + Subbly)

Example 3: Rhythm Nutrition (Framer + Subbly)

Linking the product checkout URLs to blank buttons on your site

This would be a stop gag option if you already have product pages created on your website, and you simply need to be provided product checkout links so you can link them to CTA buttons on your site. This is probably the easiest possible route, but it comes with a couple of drawbacks including the likes of:

  • customers being redirected to another page when going to the checkout
  • problems maintaining the conversion traffic from the site over to the checkout
  • disjointed looks and feels if the branding of the checkout pages is considerably different from the site itself
  • inability to upsell/cross-sell immediately on the cart widget
  • not being able to have the 1-page checkout experience (given that survey steps will be carried over to the checkout page
  • and more

Anyways, what you need to do here is very simple. You will just need to (a) create product(s) on Subbly and (b) get the product checkout URL which you can connect to your site's CTAs.

When you create the product, Subbly will automatically generate the checkout URL which you can easily retrieve from product's General settings (refer to the picture below).

Now all that you need to do is paste this URL to wherever you need it pasted on your site (most probably Subscribe/Buy buttons which you previously created) and that's it!

By default, your products will be hosted on domains. If you'd want to host the product URL's to your own subdomains, make sure to connect the checkout subdomain properly.

You can find some examples of Subbly merchants that are resorting to this simple solution below:

Example 1: My Craft Club (Shopify + Subbly)

Example 2: Jarmabox (Wix + Subbly)

Leveraging the API/SDK to build a custom solution

For a fully customized solution, you can check our API documentation here.

We can't wait to see what you've built using our APIs and SDKs! Feel free to message support and share examples of your work.

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