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How to add Subbly (subscriptions) to any existing website

You can now embed the Subbly checkout on any external website This works for both one-time products and subscription products! This means you can add our gorgeous subscription checkout to any existing website. 

Setup Steps

First of all, enable Checkout Only mode for your store here in your Admin since you'll not be using our website builder.


  • go to your product listing in the admin interface.
  • click on the Actions panel beside the product that you'd want to integrate with your store and from the drop-down menu click on Embed Product.
  • you'll be taken to the widget builder section where you can customize the appearance of the CTA (call-to-action) button which will initiate the checkout when clicked on your site.
  • finally, when you're done with editing the looks of the button on the widget builder, make sure to copy the automatically generated code and paste it on your site where you'd want it to appear. 

How to add the Cart facility to your external site?

In order to add and display cart facility to your external website you should do the following:

  • add a blank button/link to your site's navigation bar (labeled as Cart or Basket, as you with)
  • link it to the following URL

NAME_OF_STORE value from the code above should be replaced with your store's slug which can be found on your Settings page as in the picture below:

If you want to give your customers access to their customer portal where they can manage their subscriptions directly from your external site, please see here how you can do it. 

How to create Add to Cart button to connect to the external site?

Firstly, we should make the difference between the regular checkout button and add to cart button, both of which can be embedded and coded into your externally hosted site. 

While the checkout button will ultimately initiate the checkout and load it in the pop-up on your store, add to cart button will simply add a one-time product to the cart without the customer really being redirected to the checkout. In this case, the customer will be able to continue his shopping and can revisit the cart anytime by clicking on the Cart icon on your site (it's explained how you can link the Cart icon with the actual Subbly cart in one of the previous sections).

Please note that the following works only for one-time products, and not for subscription products! Subscription products do not have add to cart button, as it's impossible to add more than one subscription product to the cart

So, how do you do that?

You can do this easily by copying the code below while replacing the 'xyz' suffix with the appropriate product ID which can be extracted from the product pages on Subbly.

Please note that by default behavior customers will be redirected to your site's homepage after clicking on the Add to Cart button. If you would prefer for them to stay on the shop page (or any given page) add this parameter to the code above where your site and your page stand for the URL they should be redirected to:

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