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Can I grant access to more users to my account? (Teams app)

It may come the time for you to need more hands to manage all the aspects of your growing business.  Worry no more, introducing the Team feature!

The basics

When using this feature, you'll enable multi-admin access to your store. You can create four different roles depending on your needs and what the team member is in charge of:

  • Analyst  - focused on the data and statistics side of the business, this person only has access to the Analytics section.
  • Admin - will have the same privileges as an account owner. This is useful if there are 2 or more admins or store owners
  • Customer Support - meant to handle the day-to-day operations will be able to manage Orders, Customers, Subscriptions, Invoices, and Coupons.
  • Customer Support Manager - same capabilities as the Customer Support role but also the ability to delete customers.
  • Designer - responsible for creating the design and layout of websites and are able to manage Products, Surveys, Funnels, and Website builder.
Designer roles can be created/assigned on any pricing plan and not only from Subbly and Advance plans as the remaining roles.
Each role has access exclusively to the sections & actions mentioned above.

How do I set it up?

In order to add new staff to your Subbly admin please go here

In order to generate the account for the team member, click on Create a new member and then input name, login credentials, and choose the appropriate role:

When pressing on Apply, your team member will receive an email with his/her new account details! 

You can update the team member info at any time and delete the account if necessary, but please note that a registered email cannot be used more than once. 

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