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How to change the title for your website?

After generating a website, it always acquires a randomly generated name based on the shop name or the template name. To improve the branding of your website and make it appear professional, we'll demonstrate how to change the name of your website pages displayed in the tabs of your browser and also for the search engines, such as Google search.

How to change the name of your website?

To change your website's name, displayed in the search engines such as Google search, follow the next steps:

  1. Choose the site you're working on from here, in order to enter the Website Builder.

Please, be advised that the name over there will be generated automatically from our system and there's no way to change it. However, it won't be displayed to your customers.

  1. Access your Dashboard and then access Site Settings.
  1. Change the Site Name.
For more streamlined branding, If you have a custom domain, the Site Name should be aligned with the name of the domain.
Please, be advised that the Site Name does not mean having a custom domain for a website. If you want to connect your custom domain, check this article.

How to change the names of each one of your pages?

To change the names of the pages that are displayed in the tabs of a browser, follow the next steps:

  1. Access your Dashboard and then access the SEO app.

  1. Hover over the page for which you'd want to change the name, click on the little gear named Edit, and now you can change the Page Title and the description.
  1. The red exclamation mark will still appear until you add an image to the actual page. Please, be advised that this image will be displayed externally when people search your page on search engines.
The Page Title is displayed externally, in the browser tabs, and on the internet.
To learn more about the importance and how to properly configure your SEO App, check this article.
To comply with Google’s guidelines, it’s best to keep your title around 60 characters. And you shouldn't have more than 150-160 characters in your description!

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