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Setting up Apple Pay & Google Pay?

In order to provide more payment options and make it easier for your customers to make a purchase, don't forget to enable Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Apple Pay setup instructions

Before we start, please note that Apple Pay is available only if you:

After meeting the above requirements, follow instructions below:

  1. Enable Apple Pay in Subbly here
  2. Go to your Stripe admin here
  3. Click on Add new domain
  1. Enter your checkout domain and download the certificate
  1. Upload the certificate in Subbly's admin
  2. Go back to Stripe and click Add
  3. Hooray, you’re ready to accept payments with Apple Pay!

Google Pay setup instructions

If you want to enable Google Pay too, you simply need to turn on its toggle.


Why Apple Pay is not showing on checkout?

It could be that the necessary conditions are not met in the device in question, please verify the following is fulfilled:

On Mac:

  • Safari browser running macOS Sierra or later
  • An iPhone with a card in Wallet paired to the Mac with Handoff, or a Mac with TouchID.

On iOS:

  • Mobile Safari on iOS 10.1 or later
  • A card in Wallet

Why Google Pay is not showing on checkout?

Similarly, if the button is not displayed, make sure the browser meet these conditions:

  • It's a Chrome browser
  • Customer is authenticated in the browser with a Google account
  • Customer has an active Google Pay card

Do I need to do extra steps if I'm embedding the checkout on an external site?

If you have completed the setup and Apple/Google pay options are not displaying on checkout it could be the browser security restrictions. To bypass this limitation, please add the attribute allow="payment"to the embeddable iframe you are using. For example:


If you experience any further problems, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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