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Setting up multicurrency

You’re now able to expand your revenue and accept payments in different currencies without having to create multiple accounts.

Video tutorial

For more granular video tutorial on how to setup a multilingual store with the multicurrency checkouts, please check the video below.

Why should I setup multicurrency?

With the multicurrency feature you will be able to:

  • Add new currencies so customers can change them during checkout
  • Set prices to automatically convert to other currencies based on the specified rate
  • Convert prices using the actual exchange rate provided by Subbly, or set up your own
  • Configure the ‘Round to’ parameter to avoid any awkward-looking numbers

Please note that this feature is available for users on Subbly and Advanced pricing plans. You can check the different pricing plans we offer here.

The multi-currency feature is compatible with all gateways supported by Subbly, and you must have at least one payment gateway configured in order to be able to define new currencies and use the feature.

Please check related articles if you need to set up your payment gateway (Stripe / PayPal or Braintree).

How to setup multi-currency?

In order to enable the Multi-currency feature, you need to go to Settings -> Currencies from your Admin (here).

Click on "Add new currency"

Default currency displayed is the one you defined when creating your store and it can't be modified. Check this article in case you haven't configured it yet.

And select the currency you want to add from the dropdown list. After adding payment gateways and rounding settings, click Save.

Your new currency is now added and enabled! You can also click on the edit button beside it to configure it further.

You'll see the following options to configure:

  1. Exchange rate: You can use the automatic exchange rate calculated by or choose manual and input the rate you want.
  1. Round to: You can set an automatic rounding number in order to avoid unattractive prices.

For example, if my product cost is 1.17 after the currency conversion

  • If I choose to round to the bigger number, the platform will set the price to £1.99
  • If I choose to round to the closer number, the price will be £0.99
  1. You can choose a specific payment gateway for that currency. Please note that you can connect Stripe to multiple currencies while you can connect Paypal to only one.

What will my customers see?

Once you move to the checkout section, in the top right corner, there is a small icon through which customers will be able to switch to a different currency and see prices converted immediately. You can select different currencies and different languages. For example, checkout can be in English, but the currency can be in MX$.

You can also automate which currency will be displayed by default when initiating the checkout instead of making customers select it. In order to achieve this you must add this extension (parameter) to the product checkout URL: ?currency=EUR (or USD, GBP, etc.).

For example, the full URL is going to look like this:

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to the customer support team!

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