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How to publish the latest changes on your website?

This article explains how to publish the changes you make to your Subbly site, or how to use Site Provisioning in order to keep two or more instances of your website saved. 

What is versioning and how to enable it on your website?

Versioning is a term mostly used in programming, as apps and software are always being updated with new versions. In order to have time to test and review each version, there's always a production (live version) and one that's still in testing. A similar concept is also present for your website with the versioning tool. You'll be able to have a website that is live and visible to the customers and another version in the background which you are working on at the same time.

In order to have versioning enabled on your website, you'll need to navigate to the Dashboard>Site settings>Toggle On Site Versioning.

This will enable you to have different versions of the website.

For example, your live version will be displayed to the customers but you'll be able to work on improvements in the background without it affecting the already published version.

How to publish the changes?

When you decide to update to the latest version, simply click on the publish button in the Publish section and it will propagate the changes.

If you have changes made to the site which are yet to be published, you will likely see the following prompt/reminder on your website builder.

The Clear Cache button is also located in the Edit Mode to avoid an outdated content issue. Click on the Publish section on your Left Panel and you'll notice the list of all the domains currently attached to your Subbly website with a small Clear Cache button next to each domain. 

If for some reason, some of the changes you've already made and published on your website builder are slower to propagate and to be visible on your actual site/domain, you will need to clear the cache for the domain as explained here. The system will clear your website cache on our servers (both desktop and mobile) and will wait until the next public request to your website to re-cache the pages again.

All content types that require separate publishing, such as Articles and products, are not being cached on our servers to ensure we are serving the right content.

Feel free to reach out 24/7 to our customer support staff if you have any additional questions.

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