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Deleting questions, answers or replacing surveys

There are some very important considerations regarding the situation where you're changing the survey options/questions when you already have active subscribers with stated preferences on your products. Please read carefully through the article and let us know if you have any questions!

First of all, if you don't already know what survey builder is capable of, please refer to this article for more info. As you can see, this is really powerful feature that makes it possible for your customers to build their own box and choose the products which they want included in their description. But what happens if you don't want to offer some of the products that were initially included as add-ons anymore.

What happens when you delete/archive an answer, or delete/change an entire survey?

If you decide to archive or change a question or a survey which is attached to the product that already has active subscribers to it, any previous answers for those questions will be ignored at the time of re-billing!! This is an important consideration. We do not grandfather. The reason is, we assume you're shipping physical product so if you remove an option it may indicate you no longer have it, and it's easier to approach it this way than expect you to inform customers and get them to update their responses which is a lot of effort.

Archiving/deleting cannot be reversed, so please do consider the implications. We do allow editing now, but we do encourage planning for this.

FWIW, even when you archive or edit the survey questions, you will still see the previous survey options on the export with the archived label added to the column. This adds to visibility. 
Please be aware that changing even single character (due to typo or something else) on the survey will cause the question to be treated as archived by the system and will no longer be taken into consideration


Let's say that initially you were offering a subscription product at a price of $100 for the base price and customers were able to add the following optional add-ons:

  • Option A - $10/mo
  • Option B - $20/mo

Now, let's say that you have a customer who initially opted to subscribe to this product and added the Option A. His/her monthly subscription price is $100 + $10 = $110. 

Now, given that you no longer want to offer an Option A (you don't have it anymore on stock or there's something else in the question, doesn't really matter), you go in to the survey and delete the Option A from the survey. At the same time, you go ahead and add an Option C priced at $30/mo. 

What happens with customer's subscription going forward? 

Since Option A is no longer available as it was deleted from the survey, system will no longer charge customer for the selected add-on and customer's monthly subscription price will be equal to the base price of the subscription (excluding $10 of Option A), that is, customer will be charged for $100/mo. 

On the customer export, you will still see the Option A as an archived option just so it can be easier for you to keep track of what the customer's initial selection was. If customer would want to change his/her preferences (and possibly add either Option B or C to his/her subscription going forward) you should advise the customer to login to the customer area and make appropriate changes from there. 

Do you think that we should handle this different? Let us know how by contacting support chat or by submitting feedback on this (or any other) feature here. We truly hope you're making good use of this powerful feature.

Rock on!

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