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Survey builder

Surveys: Collecting Customer Data & Allowing Customizing of Subscription Price

How surveys work on Subbly product checkouts and how to set them up

Updated 4 weeks ago

Setting up surveys

Learn how to offer a fully customizable checkout to your customers and allow them to build their box the way they want it

Updated 2 weeks ago

How surveys appear at the checkout (multi-step vs single-step layout)

Switch between the multi-step or a single-step layout for the checkouts

Andrija Krstic
Updated 9 months ago by Andrija Krstic

How do I change the order of my questions/steps and answers on the survey?

If you are looking to change the order that the questions appear on the survey

Updated 1 month ago

Deleting questions, answers or replacing surveys

Different implications of deleting or changing the options on the survey

Updated 9 months ago

Survey builder recipes (use cases)

Most common ways of using the survey builder to build customized checkout flows for your products

Updated 1 month ago
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