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Positioning of elements

Mastering how to properly position the Elements on your Subbly website is of utmost importance in pursuit of the perfect website layout. We know that at times it can get trick and frustrating so we decided to record some video sessions that will help you get your grip on the basic and some more advanced use of product positioning, read on!

Mastering the basics

In the video below, Andrija from the customer success team at Subbly goes through some most common issues and topics when it comes to the positioning of elements on Subbly's website builder. 

Topics covered:

  • loading elements half/full-width
  • building a horizontal layout
  • building a vertical layout
  • building a standard 3-column layout-block
  • coloring of elements


Going advanced

After you've gone through the basics of element positioning and after you've nailed down how that (in)famous drag-and-drop builder works, it's time to show you around some more advanced stuff, right?

In the next video, Andrija will go over the following topics: 

  • adding an element(s) inside of an existing element
  • different ways of using the Blank Space element to create different types of layouts

Hopefully, you've enjoyed this short video session. Now that you're feeling more confident with using the website builder, go on and create your first page on Subbly's website builder

Any further questions? Just give us a shout.

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