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Setting up Stripe

Stripe is considered a gold standard in the subscription industry and has many perks of being used as a payment processor for subscriptions, one of the most common ones is being a white-labeled solution, unlike many more. 

How do I connect Stripe to my Subbly account?

Having a payment gateway, such as Stripe, connected is absolutely mandatory in order for your checkouts to be live and for you to be able to accept payments and make money off your subscription store on Subbly.

In order to connect with Stripe do the following:

  1. Login to your Subbly admin
  2. Go here
  3. Click on Stripe button

At this point, you will be taken off Subbly and to the Stripe admin where you can either:

  1. Enter the email connected to your Stripe account to continue logging in with Stripe, after which it'll automatically be connected to your Subbly account
  2. Or in case you don't have a Stripe account, proceed with entering your email on the same screen and providing details needed for a new Stripe account. Once you've completed the required steps with Stripe, your new Stripe account will be connected to your Subbly account (shouldn't take more than 5 minutes).

After you're done with it, you will know that you have your Stripe account properly connected if you're seeing your Stripe ID by looking into the payment gateway field on this page here

How to disconnect Stripe account and connect another one?

If, at some point, you'd want to disconnect Subbly from your connected Stripe account, you need to login to your admin on Subbly and go here

From this page, you will be able to disconnect currently connected Stripe account as in the picture below - by clicking on Update and following the next screen on Stripe's website to switch it with another one.

This will disconnect your currently connected Stripe account from your Subbly and you will be able to connect another one. 

Note that, if you don't have a working Stripe account connected, your checkouts will be offline and your current customer's renewals won't be processed. After you connect the new Stripe account, the checkouts will be online again, but please note that customer's renewals won't be processing again in which case your customers will have to provide the new CC (payment source) in order for the renewals to start processing again.
Switching your Stripe account and adding the new one will not automatically migrate customer profiles to the new Stripe account. Your customers will still have to manually add their payment methods so their renewals start processing again.

How to refresh token for Stripe?

Sometimes, the token for Stripe expires and you'll need to refresh it in order to be able to continue getting payments from your customers. 

If you experience the following prompt inside your admin:

.. this means that your Stripe account which is connected to Subbly needs to be updated/revoked. The Update option within Billing settings helps you do that - you'll be redirected to Stripe, where you can reconnect and update the access.

Failing to revoke this will actually prevent further billings or renewals on your account. 


How to set up Stripe so that it accepts only a certain type of cards?

To allow this, it's required to go to your Stripe account's Radar, and manipulate the settings from there. To learn more about Stripe Radar, check this article.

Why is my prepaid card not being accepted by Subbly?

Subbly doesn't support usage of prepaid cards for business sign-ups (merchants), however they're readily available for the customers. Note that there have been examples of customers not being able to use prepaid cards, due to regulations of the countries the customers are located in.

How may I use Subbly in a country that's not supported by the current Stripe integration?

Although Subbly's current integration with Stripe doesn't support all the available countries, it's still possible to use Stripe via Stripe Atlas. To learn more about Stripe Atlas, check this article.

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