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How do I put my Subbly store and website offline?

If, for some reason, you don’t want your store to be visible publicly (maybe you just need some more time to polish it or some time off for yourself), it's possible to put store offline in two ways.

How to put your checkout and store front offline

Firstly, go to General Settings.

Secondly, navigate to the bottom of the page and disable the following toggle and press Save Settings.

What this will do is set both your store front and your product checkouts offline, making them inaccessible to the public. When you need it back online, you can simply navigate to the same page and return the toggle to Online position.

How to put your website offline

Firstly, go to your Website Builder and click on Edit Active Site.

Secondly, go to your Dashboard and click on Site Settings.

Finally, enable the Site Offline toggle and press Save.

The same principle applies here, when you're ready to put your Website online, just repeat the procedure and disable the Site Offline toggle and hit Save.

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