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How to process a refund for the customer?

If you're wanting to process a refund for customer's payment you can do that from inside your Subbly admin as well.

How to process a refund inside the admin? 

In order to process a refund you will first need to locate the problematic order which resulted as the outcome of a payment in question.

Remember, Subbly will create the order for the customer only once the transaction has gone through! You don't have to worry that some of the orders you're seeing on the admin hasn't been paid for.

So you need to navigate to Orders tab on your admin, search by the customer's name, email or the order ID and open the order slip. 

Next up, you need to click on Actions button in the top right corner of the order slip and select Refund as in the picture below. 

From the contextual menu, choose whether you'd like to process a refund of the whole amount or only partially. Simply use your keyboard to enter the amount needing to be refunded.

Click OK and refund will be processed.

Processing refund from the invoice slip

An alternative to using orders for refunding would be to navigate to a specific invoice and refund the amount necessary, similar to how it's done with the orders above. For an example, please make sure to check the screenshot below for reference:

How to refund the invoice for digital products (membership products)?

Digital (membership) products can also be refunded and this is done inside the Invoices section. Refund button will be found in the same place asvin the order slip as you can see in the example below:

Important considerations

  • Refunding an order does not cancel associated order as well. If you'd want to cancel/archive the order at the same time you can do that as explained here
  • You can still process a refund from Stripe admin directly, but it's more convenient to do that directly from Subbly admin (no need to juggle between two apps to do this). 
  • Once refunded from the Subbly admin, it's not possible to refund the same order again (if the order has been refunded already).

Why am I seeing server error when trying to refund the payment?

If you are experiencing server error error prompt when trying to refund the customer's payment, this is happening because of:

  • your customer's payment was already refunded through Stripe
  • you are trying to refund the payment for the order/charge that was initially created adhoc
  • you switched your payment processor accounts
  • customer already disputed the payment (in which case you need to respond to the dispute on your payment processor admin)

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