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How customers manage their subscription? (Customer portal)

Learn about how the customer portal works and what are your customers capable of doing inside it

Updated 6 months ago

Can I add customer's subscriptions manually?

Alternatives for adding subscriptions to your account

Updated 2 years ago

Customer's Labels Explanation

Explanation of different types of labels associated with customers on Subbly admin

Updated 2 years ago

How to switch the subscription product customer is subscribed to?

Changing the subscription product without customer cancelling the subscription

Updated 9 months ago

How to change renewal date for a customer?

If you're looking to push the next renewal date back and forth for the customer

Updated 1 year ago

How can I see my customers' preferences?

Where can you see the preferences your customers stated at the checkout

Updated 1 year ago

How to change the shipping address for a customer?

Changing the shipping address for receiving orders for the customer

Updated 1 year ago

How customers change their password?

Explanation of the password change process for the customers

Updated 2 years ago

Can customers add products to their subscription?

How your customers can easily add additional items to their recurring subscription

Updated 1 year ago

How to process a refund for the customer?

Options for refunding the customer's payment(s)

Updated 1 year ago

How to reactivate customer's subscription

Learn how to reactivate customer's subscription

Updated 1 year ago

How does skipping/pausing work?

Learn how to enable/disable skipping facilities for your customers

Updated 1 year ago

Handling customer email notifications through Subbly (Templated emails)

Learn how to manage the emails being sent to your subscribers

Updated 6 months ago

Account credit balance

Explanation of the account credit balance feature on customer's pages

Updated 1 year ago

How do I export my customer data from Subbly?

Explains different types of exports of your Subbly data (orders, customers, invoices and more)

Updated 1 year ago

Why my customer wasn't charged?

FAQs on missing customer's charges

Updated 11 months ago

How to cancel customer's subscription?

Cancelling subscriptions of your customers through the admin

Updated 1 year ago

Timeline events FAQs

Learn how to track key customer and admin events.

Updated 1 year ago

AI Author Bot (powered by AI)

Humanize customer communication by utilizing the AI-powered bot to do the ground work for you

Andrija Krstic
Updated 5 months ago by Andrija Krstic
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